Sea Accounts is available for breeding via shipped, fresh cooled semen , frozen and on a limited basis, live cover. 

To date, Sea Accounts has proven very fertile, achieving 80+% first cycle pregnancies and 95% in two cycles with fresh cooled semen. His frozen has been used on a limited basis and proven very good (assuming protocols are followed by a good repro vet).

Foals may be registered in a number of registries. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the registration possibilities for any proposed offspring.

Discounts are available to many breeders, including:

  1. Multiple Mares                                

  2. Proven Producer

  3. Proven Performance Mare            

  4. Really Early Payment (full payment received by January 1st)

  5. Early Payment (full payment received by March 1st)

Please contact us regarding requirements for the discounts.


Please click here to download the fresh shipped/frozen with

LFG contract.  Contact us for the frozen by the dose contract.

Pay Fees

You may pay the booking, stud and/or collection fees via credit card at any time via PayPal.  Simply click on the appropriate button.

       2013 Booking Fee                            2013 Stud Fee                              2013 Collection Fee

Paying via PayPal will not require you to create a PayPal account. However, PayPal will give you that option at check–out time. If you already have a PayPal account, then you can log in with it to make your payment.

Your credit card statement will show a charge to DSH.

Our breeding season is generally from March 1st to August 1st. We will try to accommodate later breedings depending on Sea Accounts’ competition schedule.  Of course, frozen semen is available any time.

All fees must be paid in full prior to shipment of fresh semen.  This includes stud fees, collection fees and shipping costs.

The cost of collections will be $185 in 2013.  Semen is shipped in disposable shippers via Federal Express at the direct cost which was approximately $80 in 2012.  Cost of additional collections must be paid to DSH prior to shipping. You may pay FedEx shipping costs via credit card or FedEx account.

Frozen semen will be shipped through and subject to their shipping costs and policies.

2013 Stud Fees

Shipped fresh cooled semen   

-`$1,500 LFG (includes $350 non-refundable booking fee and first collection)

Frozen semen (with LFG)        

- $1,500 (Three doses shipped initially.  If mare settles on one dose, other   doses may be used on additional mares with payment of additional booking fee in the same breeding year.              

Frozen semen by the dose       

- $450 per dose.  NO LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE